#  yum  install  mysql-server*  httpd*  roundcubemail*                         [EPEL Repo]


Configure Mysql database


#  service  mysqld  start

#  mysqladmin  –u  root  password  [give password]

#  mysql  –u  root  -p

mysql>  create  database  rcmail  character  set  utf8  collate  utf8_bin;

mysql>  grant  all  privileges  on  rcmail.*  to  rcadmin@localhost  identified  by  ‘[db_password]’;

mysql>  flush  privileges;

mysql>  exit

#  cd  /usr/share/doc/roundcubemail-*/SQL/

#  mysql  -u  rcadmin  -p  rcmail  <  mysql.initial.sql 


Roundcube Configuration


#  vim  /etc/roundcubemail/db.inc.php

Edit line 21:

$rcmail_config[‘db_dsnw’] = ‘mysql://rcadmin:123456789@localhost/rcmail’;

123456789 is the db_password given above.

Save and quit.

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