Run “elinks” and type :


Select  “Administration”

Select  “Add Printers”

Enter the name, location and description about the printer.

Select  [continue]

Select “yes” on all “post data to URL http://localhost:631/admin” confirmation.

Select the device for the printer :

Device:  [AppSocket/HP JetDirect]

{Press right arrow to show drop-down list of devices. The above device is selected by default.}

Select  [continue]

Select the device URI :

Device URI:  http://localhost:631/ipp/

Select  [continue]

Select make/manufacture of the printer :

Make:  [Raw]

{select “Raw” if the drop-down does not contain your brand}

Select  [continue]

Select model/driver for the printer :

Model:  [Raw Queue (en)]

{select “Raw Queue” if you have selected “Raw” in the Make option}

Select  [Add Printer]

Now, you can go to the “Printers” option at the top and view your added printer(s).

You can manage it and modify it from the set of options available.

Exit “elinks”

To see the status of the default printer :

#  lpq

To print the page :

#  lpr  [path to the page]

Eg.  #  lpr  /etc/passwd {this will print passwd file}

To remove the print :

#  lprm  [job id]

If more than one printer is configured on single system then to see the status of desired printer :

#  lpq  -P  [printer name]

To print from desired printer :

#  lpr  -P  [printer name]  [path to page]

To remove the print from desired printer :

#  lprm  -P  [printer name] [job id]