Configure the interfaces as shown in the diagram:

RIP layout

Configure Router 1:

Router(config)#router rip

Router(config-router)#version 2



Router(config-router)#^Z                              [ctrl+Z  or  end]


Building configuration…



Configure Router 0:

Similar as above with networks, and

Configure Router 2:

Similar as above with networks and

Configure Router 3:

Similar as above with networks and

Configure the PC terminals as shown.

Start pinging from PC command prompt.


Use show ip protocols for verifying RIP.

Use show ip route to check for routes.

Other useful commands:

Router(config)#no router rip Turns off the RIP routing process
Router(config-router)#no network a.b.c.d Removes network a.b.c.d from the RIP routing process
Router(config-router)#timers basic 30 90 180 270 Changes timers in RIP (in seconds): 30 = Update timer; 90 = Invalid timer; 180 = Hold-down timer; 270 = Flush timer
Router#debug ip rip Displays all RIP activity in real time
Router#show ip rip database Displays contents of the RIP database