System setup



Add a router and a PC. Connect them via fast Ethernet.

Assign IP addresses to the connected interfaces.

Configuration on Router :

Router# configure terminal

Router(config)# snmp-server community [name1]  ro

Router(config)# snmp-server community [name2]  rw

Router(config)# ctrl+z

Router# write

Configuration on PC :

Double-click the PC and select “Desktop” and then the “MIB Browser”

In MIB Browser select “Advanced” tab.

Address                       [IP address of router’s connected interface]

Port                             161

Read Community         [name1]

Write community        [name2]

SNMP Version            v3

Click “OK”

advanced tab

Advanced Tab


Set “Operations” tab to “Get”.

In left tab named “SNMP MIBs” select :

MIB Tree>router_std MIBs>.iso>.org>.dod>.internet>.mgmt>.mib-2>.system>.sysDescr

And hit “Go” in top right.

The result is displayed in “Result Table”.

Now select different values and each time hit “Go”.

Example :

MIB Browser

MIB Browser